Why I Am Really Big on Financial Freedom

There are many people who truly want to be happy and find those super jobs that they have been promised since they were two years old. Just go to school, get super high grades, scholarships (which reward those in need or those who are the best and will contribute the most to society), go to a great college, get good grades, do some internships, shadow some other people, get a good degree in something like business (to make money), medicine (to make money and have a very, very secure job), law (to make money and have a very, very secure job), and engineering (because it is hard and has calculus in it and sounds cool; you can say you are a biomedical engineer and work for an oil company and make a lot of money!)


The Advice That Comes from People's Mouth

The Advice That Comes from People’s Mouth

That is literally how I feel when I hear that garbage come out of some person’s mouth. That is literally what it smells like. I smell the rotting ideas that come out of their mouth that have bunny’s clothing, and I really know they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. If I am to follow that advice, this is what would happen.

-Bring out the theme music.-

-Trumpets blare.-

Bring Out the Trumpets

Bring Out the Trumpets

I would be 30 years old and would wonder where all the money from the sky would fall. It is funny that the same people who tell me this advice are the ones I see everyday, and ironically, they are the ones that do not seem rich. If you parents tell you how to be rich, just look at their lives; are they really rich? Is money falling from the sky for them? They say it; yet, it does not seem to fall for them.

When I questioned them, they tell me that getting money to fall from the sky is evil and greedy.

-I sit confused.-

Get a good a job, so I can make lots of money. If that is the case, then why when I ask you about it, you tell me it is a sin? I mean, why?

Then, they say: “If you get a good job like being a doctor, you will be rich.”

I analyze the life of a medical doctor. Ten years of school (yay) in order to make $300,000/year when working 12 h/day for life. Not bad for a job, I admit. However, according to who’s standards is that a good? To a person working 12h/day, making $40,000, that is PHENOMENTAL (a 7.5x increase in money). To a billionaire making $1billion/yr, that is miniscule and not worth it. I say “PHENOMENTAL” instead of “PHENOMENAL”, because it mental. Many people believe that getting rich is a game of the evil. However, it is really about those who change their mindset to acquire wealth.

There really are people who truly believe making money is hard.

As my mentor, Broderick Valentine, said, all I need to do is be a bigger person; the money is easy. The money will come when I become a bigger person. I still need to push past the resistance in order to grow to become a bigger and better person.


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